I am a Strident, Militant Feminist

I was listening to the radio over the week end and heard a comment about women that I agreed with. I can’t even remember what it was. It was such a basic, mundane, ‘bread and butter’ thing to me; probably something like women should enjoy equal representation in the world of work I-am-a-feministand the world of work needs to change to accommodate women’s needs as much as men’s. Something of that ilk, nothing to cause the horses to bolt, honestly.

What I do remember though, is the spluttering horrified response of a male commentator on the programme. That view, he spat out, is exactly what the sort of comment that is made by rampant, strident feminists. I think he meant it as an insult but I can see no reason why being a feminist is a cause of shame. Gosh, I thought to myself, I must be a strident, militant feminist:

  • I do believe that what women bring to the table should be valued equally with what men bring.
  • I don’t think women having to behave like men is any measure of equality; we’re different and we do things differently, not better or worse.
  • I do expect to turn on my radio or TV and see or hear an equal representation of the genders.
  • I do take offence when I am in a newsagents and see demeaning and pornographic pictures of my gender on the shelves.
  • I do work with women to challenge the assumptions of a male driven world and to boost their own confidence levels.
  • I do think we need quotas to ensure that gender representation becomes mandatory (works both ways actually although there are fewer areas where men need it, childcare time off being a classic example).
  • I do object to the sexist marketing of toys and games to children as I think all our children suffer from that casual stereotyping.

I could go on but I think but I think I’ve established my credentials. I am clearly a rampant militant feminist. As are a lot of men I know.

Are you?

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8 Responses to “I am a Strident, Militant Feminist”

  1. Ros Baynes says:

    Sign me up, Jane! Not the first adjectives I’d have picked for myself, but your list articulates my beliefs beautifully. Ros

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Ros, feminism, is, to cliché, a broad church. But don’t get me started on the church and women….

  2. Vicky Barlow says:

    according to man I was debating with on Twitter last night, taking offence at “lads mags” means you are not a feminist at all as naked women are demonstrating their sexual liberation!! Damned if you, damned if you don’t.

  3. Filao Wilson says:

    Bring it on! Being a feminist is incompatible with being a shrinking violet
    Filao x

    • Jane says:

      Yes, although presumably shrinking violets are that commentator’s ideal woman (he’d probably say ‘lady’) ;>)

  4. Ann Lewis says:

    Well said Jane. And don’t get me started on the online pornography debate that’s raging at the moment. I was in the 1970s wave, and a lot has changed since then. I can take my car to my garage and be treated professionally, for example. Anyone remember getting your car serviced in the bad old days of sniggering and girly calendars?

    But a lot hasn’t changed, and I think that is down to entrenched attitudes in some parts of society. Adjectives like those used by the commentator are the product of fear. So what’s he afraid of?

    • Jane says:

      OOh yes, I used to HATE going to the garage, altho that said there was a report from AA a while back that said women get charged more than men! To answer your question, change, I guess, people hate change and recidivist, chauvenistic men presumably think that there’s only so much power to go round and if we have some they lose some…
      Thanks for the comment, Ann. J x

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