How to Twitter for Business Success – Book Review

Rather appropriately I ‘met’ Nicky Kriel through Twitter and here we are doing business together!  Well, to clarify, I asked her about her book and she kindly sent me a copy and I am now reviewing it – no money has changed hands. Regular readers will know that I have a policy of not rubbishing anyone’s Nicky-Kriel-signing-at-the-How-to-Twitter-Book-Launchwork and only review books that I like and think will be helpful to you. Yes, I liked it and yes, I think it’s helpful!

Which is strange because I am not into ‘geeky’ books at all; show me how something works in a  hands on way and I’m happy. Reading about it…? No thanks.

So hats off, Nicky for producing a book that is both readable and helpful to non technically minded folk like myself.

I consider myself pretty Twitter savvy but Nicky taught me quite a few things I didn’t know (and didn’t know that I wanted to know). Here’s just a few facts and figures from Nicki’s book to give you a flavour:

60% of Twitter users access Twitter from mobile devices and you can’t see twitter backgrounds on a mobile device.

An acronym I didn’t know YOLO = you only live once

The myth of Retweeting: “It is a myth that you shouldn’t ask people to retweet you. Dan Zarella found that Please retweet or please RT generates four times more Retweets than tweets that don’t contain these words. Please Retweet generated three times as many Retweets as the words Please RT”

Guess what the most retweetable word is? You

I won’t spoil your enjoyment any further; suffice to say How to Twitter for Business Success is a very easy read, well laid out, and written in an accessible style. Even if you know quite a bit about Twitter you’ll discover something new. Twitter is a tool I recommend to my licensed trainers to help them promote their RenewYou courses; I shall now be adding this book to the list of recommended reading. At under £6 a copy you can’t go wrong!

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