How to Download Your Own Very Special App

Have you ever seen someone else using the same model of phone as you and thought:

I didn’t know it could do that“.

And have you asked said whizzy person with the phone how they get their phone to do that and they reply:

“Oh it’s easy, you just download an app called *Chomata Z version 67 free from the internet, press this button and then you can send a beam of light to space while simultaneously doing your shopping in Macey’s. Really, it’s a doddle, you should try it

And you think: No I can’t. I don’t understand phones. And magically it becomes true; you don’t understand phones because you think you can’t ever understand phones so you don’t try.

And have you ever looked at an amazing, competent women (seemingly) effortlessly delivering a faultless presentation  and thought “I can never be like that”? So you don’t try. And magically it becomes true…..

Well, you can!  Change that ‘app’ and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Number one starting point is to stop telling yourself that you can’t and start thinking about can. People aren’t born knowing how the latest model of a phone works; they find out. In general, younger folk have no fears about technology as they’ve grown up with it. So they experiment and make the odd mistake. But their confidence that they can make it work carries the day.

Women who stand up and give amazing speeches probably weren’t born with that gift; they learned how to do it, how to speak in public and how to not look nervous even when they are.

And you can learn that too. Number one is to stop with the old can’t messages to your brain and replace them with can. Once you’ve got that in place then find out just how to do it and have a go. You will make mistakes of course. But then something amazing will happen. You’ll begin to get it right! And getting things right boosts your confidence and then you’ll try something else. And soon you’ll be telling other people how to do it!

Go on, start now.

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*I made that app up….but if there is one do tell!


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