Has Amazon Gone Mad? Misogynist T Shirt #Fail

Has Amazon totally lost its marbles?

With huge distaste I have reproduced the t shirt they are offering for sale from American Apparel. This is a product they are selling on their web site. The item is currently unavailable but they have not removed the image. I find it totally offensive and repugnant.

If you do too, let Amazon know.  You can leave a comment under the item itself or you can with a bit of clicking, send them an email offering feedback.

This is what I sent them:

I am writing to express my total disgust that you have on sale a T shirt featuring the hugely offensive words ‘Keep Calm and Hit Her’ and am asking you to remove this offensive item from your site immediately.

I hope they do. Please let them know your views.

Update: See comments. Amazon are removing the offending items. I also hope they are updating their technology so they can spot this type of product before it goes live in the future.

Update: Since I wrote this post an explanation has been issued that these t shirts don’t really exist (until someone buys one when it is printed)and are computer generated by a  logarithm.  I can just about accept that but I’d love to know who programmed it with words like ‘rape’, as some of the T shirts say that too. There is more debate on this topic in The Women’s Room Linkedin group


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7 Responses to “Has Amazon Gone Mad? Misogynist T Shirt #Fail”

  1. I contact you to register my disgust and dissapoi nntment in you as a site that I follow and use frequntly. To see that you have offered for sale on your website a tee shirt with KEEP CALM AND HIT HER on the front. IF you or anybody around you had ever been in a violent relationship believe me, they would not be able to find this slogan acceptable. In fact it would bring a shiver down their spine, as it did me. Please remove this garment off your site, as it will have the effect of customers like myself leaving you.

    • Jane says:

      Thank you Barbara. I assume this is the message you have left on Amazon’s web site. I hope someone there is listening…

  2. Peter Sas says:

    Bloody hell!

    Just started a live chat with them to complain about this – let’s see how they respond.

    This calls for a boycott Amazon campaign – they’re going into my bin alongside Nestle and Ikea now.

  3. Peter Sas says:

    Apparently they withdrew if from sale about an hour ago. Shameful to allow it to go on sale in the first place.

    • Jane says:

      Thank goodness. It took them long enough. According to the BBC website some bearing the witty slogan like ‘Keep Calm and Knife Me’ are still available but gradually being withdrawn. The misogyny is breathtaking.

  4. Jane

    Well done bringing it to our attention though it looks from your update comments we need to continue to be vigilant How touching this kind of rubbish appears in the same week as International Womens Day.

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