Does the Virgin Ad Campaign Make You Want to Use Their Services?

Have you seen the latest Virgin Holiday’s campaign? It’s of the ‘nudge, nudge, wink wink’ variety showing a burlesque dancer woman covering herself with round boards advertising their holiday destinations with oh so witty lines like ‘would you like us to take a bit more off?’ How I laughed!

At the risk of being accused of not having a sense of humour (trust me someone will, or worse) doesn’t it make you just yawn? The one thing it certainly doesn’t do is make me want to pick up the phone and book a Virgin holiday. If their advertising is so out of date no doubt their holidays are too. Anyone care to be chased round the pool by Sid James a la Carry On films? (Hope I haven’t just given them an idea for their next campaign…) Who are they aiming these ads at? Is it men who book annual holidays?

No doubt Virgin think it’s great as any publicity is good publicity and people are talking about it, but in my eyes it has marked them out as old fashioned and not worth bothering with.

What do you think when you see those ads? Does it endear you to the Virgin brand?

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