Do You Hate Going to Work?

Do you hate getting up to go to work in the morning? You’re not alone; in fact, more and more often I find that women I meet are really unhappy in their work but in the current economic climate feel they have to stay put.

trapped“I always try to go the extra mile at work, but my boss always finds me and brings me back.” – Anonymous

If that describes you then you have my sympathies. It’s not a good place to be – I’ve been there. Usually we have to stay because we need the money, for rent, the mortgage, paying off loans, to eat…

Of course we all need money. But do you know how much money you need? Do you know what you have to earn every month? The essentials, not the ‘nice to haves’. Do you know how much going to work costs you each month?

If you work it out you may just find yourself pleasantly surprised. I’ve talked to lots of women who for one reason and another have had a drop in salary recently. It’s not brilliant but the in all cases the impact has been less dreadful than they thought it would be. Sorting out our money is one of those things we tend to ignore and so it can become an unmanageable fear for us.

Look at the questions I asked you above. Answer them again but this time include the non tangible things like quality of life, your health, your relationships? Factor those into the equation and you get a much more realistic idea of what your work is costing you.

You may have to stay put for now but don’t stop dreaming. Do what you can now to amass skills, qualifications, and experience and make yourself new job ready for when opportunity strikes.

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