Women, Are You Getting What You’re Worth?

Women, the stats tell us, get less pay than men for the same work. It’s been happening for years.

As a young Saturday girl working in a large department store in 1973 I discovered that the young lad (same age as me) who worked alongside me was being paid at least 30% more than I was FOR THE SAME JOB.  All these years later I can still remember the incensed feeling as I marched along to the HR office and demanded to see the manager, a woman as it happened.

I asked her why he got more money. The answer:

“Because he’s a boy”.

There was no attempt to dress it up, it was just the way things were.

I left the office (having a secured a pay rise for all the Saturday girls) much wiser about the ways of the world.

If we don’t ask very few employers are going to give it to us.

Value yourself properly. If you’re in a role where salary is negotiable always ask for top end. If it’s on a fixed scale ask them to start you off up a few grades. Be confident of what you offer and make sure you get equal treatment.

If you don’t value yourself, no one else will.

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2 Responses to “Women, Are You Getting What You’re Worth?”

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  2. Shona Easton says:

    10 years ago, the best paid (freelance) job I ever got, was one when I asked for the most money I’d ever asked for (partly because I didn’t want/have time for the work) and guess what….I got the job! So, after that, I have always asked for a high day rate for my design services! It made me realise the value of what I can offer 🙂

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