Are Women Still Underpaid at Senior Level?

Another day another poll! Bear with me as this one has something of interest to say to anyone interested in gender equality and equal pay.

Late last year the Chartered Management Institute polled 38,843 executives and came up with this little story:

If you (a woman) and a man started your careers in the same job, in the same company, on the same day, achieved the same level of seniority and retired at exactly the same time, you, the woman, would be £423, 390 worse off than the man.

The more senior the role the bigger the disparity.

Despite this it seems there has been some progress towards meeting the government targets of getting to at least 25% representation of women on boards (although presumably they are being paid less) by 2015. Currently 17.7% of FTSE board directors are women, according to a recent report from Professional Boards Forum’s Board Watch (try saying that out loud!)

Out of the UK’s top 100 private companies only 64 actually publish the composition of their boards. Of those 73% have all male teams of executive directors and 565 possess all male boards.

Among the large private companies with zero female boardroom representation are the betting group Gala Coral, whose bingo customers are overwhelmingly female, and the gym group Fitness First, which operates several women only gyms. Virgin trains come into this category too, which is surprising as Richard Branson is on the record as supporting  mandatory quotas for numbers of women on boards.

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If you’d like to read more on this there is an excellent article on The Observer website by Simon Goodley

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