Advice for Women in Business? Put Your Shoes On…

Shoes seem to be significant in my life recently, apart from pinching me on my recent treasure hunt around the streets of Edinburgh (hen party frolics).

When I’m running seminars on confidence I often reference the actor Beryl Reid who said if she had the right shoes on for a part the rest came naturally to her, but she had Blue shoes by melodi2to get the right shoes first. Start from the bottom and work up.

Then I read an article from a physiotherapist who said her best health tip was to wear different types of heel heights regularly as it was best for working all the muscles and your feet and legs didn’t get used to doing just one thing.

Which must have been why I found myself humming ‘Put Your Shoes On Lucy’. I’m not really sure where I heard this song  (lyrics below) from; it must be my Mum because as ever, I only know the chorus. I burst into it often (be warned) as it has such a happy catch tune and one of the few songs I tend to remember the words to although until I Googled it I didn’t realise there were so many! Take a look at them below; it could be good advice still for any woman in the city, don’t you think? Apart from the ‘flirtin’ bit obviously….

Sometimes you do just want to kick off your shoes and feel the ground beneath you

Sometimes we need to walk tall, take up our space, put on our heels and walk tall

And sometimes we just need the flatties for the daily slog!

(Hank Fort)

Got an invitation to visit Manhattan
With my highfalutin’ kin
Sent off to the catalog to get some clothes
Felt so stylish from my head to my toes

Seen all the sights and I even did some flirtin’
I was doin’ alright till my feet started hurtin’
So I kicked off my shoes when I thought they couldn’t see
But they must have, ‘cos this is what they all said to me

Put your shoes on, Lucy, don’t you know you’re in the city
Put your shoes on, Lucy, it’s really such a pity
That Lucy can’t go barefoot wherever she goes
‘Cause she loves to feel the wiggle of her toes

Put your shoes on Lucy ’cause you’re here in old New York
You’ll get by alrighty if you let ’em hear you talk
All the city slickers love that southern drawl
So give ’em that “Honey chile” and “Hi, y’all”

Lucy, let the good things happen
Lucy, won’t you stop that gapin’
How you act will be the death of me
Don’t they have skyscrapers down in Tennessee

Put your shoes on, Lucy, even though they kinda pinch
Stop baulkin’, you gotta do some walkin’, it’s a cinch
Use your party manners, you’ll need them and how
Put your shoes on Lucy, you’re a big girl now

Nellie Lutcher – 1949
Russ Morgan & His Orch. (vocal: Rhythmaires) – 1949
Petula Clark – 1949

Also recorded by:
Gracie Fields; Horace Heidt & His Musical Knights.

You can hear it here.

If you’d like to help women find their own shoes (!) and are passionate about women’s development and training take a look at this opportunity.


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