A Woman of Enormous Courage

I’d like to pay tribute here to a woman of enormous courage currently in the news.

She is the Norwegian woman, Marte, who has spoken out after being sentenced to 16 months imprisonment in Dubai because she was raped and reported it to the police. As there were not 4 males present to verify her story, (apparently this is required under the law in the United Arab Emirates), she was not believed but instead accused of having unlawful sex outside of marriage, drinking alcohol, and making false statements.

Can you imagine her pain? To be raped and then put in a cell and treated as a guilty party.

But before we get too smug we need to remember that it’s only very recently that our rape laws have changed and that many women in this country (UK) have been disbelieved and vilified by our police and by our judiciary. Also that our police force had an undercover section which used women to establish a ‘cover’ which involved living false lives with women even to the extent of having children with them. That is a huge act of disrespecting women.

We have a long way to go. Power to you, Marte, and huge respect. You are fighting for all of us and your courage will be instrumental in effecting a change which will benefit all of humanity.

You can read an un-sensationalised account here from Channel 4.


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