A New Year! A new you…?

Relax, I am not talking about diets and face creams! (Although almost every other January publication aimed at women seems to be…sigh). I’m talking about you and your personal development, your confidence to take on the next 12 months.

And if I’m honest I’m not even talking about a new you, as in totally new, but perhaps a revitalised you would be more accurate.

How are you? How are you feeling post festivities? Raring to go or a bit tired and jaded? Or both! It is possible to feel physically tired but your brain is raring to get cracking on the new year; the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Huge sympathies to you if you’ve fallen prey to one of the winter bugs doing the rounds. Most women I know are feeling pretty tired just now. Rest and recuperation for you!

However, before you get caught up in the daily grind of back to work, take a little time out to focus on you.

Best Moments

What have been your best moments of the past 12 months? Have they panned out as you wanted? Don’t beat yourself up if they haven’t; some years go better than others. But equally don’t let your achievements, big or small, slip by unnoticed. Take a few moments to reflect and remember to look at what went well for you.

My personal highlight must surely be the moment my son married, in May, with my daughter as a beautiful bridesmaid. The memory of the happiness of that day will stay with me forever.

Professionally one of my highlights was being at an awards lunch at The Savoy Hotel, London later in the year to watch one of my clients get an Everywoman award for best director- and get a mention in her speech! (Thank you, Jane Weaver pictured). Jane had attended my Renewyou course earlier that year where the idea of entering had first occured to her.

That was a great moment on so many levels. It was wonderful to watch Jane go up to collect her award and see the beaming faces of her daughters, glowing with pride. Jane didn’t have an easy ride in her life as you can read here but seeing her confidence grow has been amazing. And seeing Jane’s confidence grow also increased mine.

A Course for Women

I wrote the renewyou course quite a few years ago and I designed it especially for women who wanted a space to reflect and think about their lives and more specifically the forthcoming 12 months. It’s been revised a little along the way but the core remains. I knew from correspondence and conversations that lots of women were a bit put off by personal development type courses fearing they’d be forced into ‘over-emoting’ or hugging trees, or revealing more of themselves than they wanted. Or that the room would full of high fliers and they’d feel inadequate. (Actually, the room is usually full of high fliers – it’s just that some of the women haven’t realised yet just how high they can go!) I wanted my course to be a safe place where women could be honest with themselves about what they wanted and think about where they wanted to go with practical, sensible exercises I knew would work. I chose to focus on a 12 month period as that feels do-able if you’re looking at personal development for the first time.

Over the years it’s worked for lots of women from all sorts of backgrounds, and I have had some wonderful testimonials. However, it was a very special moment when Jane stood on the stage and publically thanked me. I’d actually been thinking about dropping the course as I have since written many more but her speech made me think again. It revitalised me and my love for Renewyou!

And I am now licencing that same course so there’s a good chance it will be coming to a venue near you soon! I have had lots of interest from some really excellent trainers and will run that new licensing programme in March. I plan to run at least one more myself, this month in Bristol, and after that, who knows? There are still a few places left so please contact me if you’d like to attend, or if you’d like to discuss whether it’s suitable for you.

You can email in confidence using the link at top right of this page, or call 01761 438749. I’d be very happy to talk with you and help make 2013 your best ever year!


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