10 Career Tips for Women – Number One

Number One – Take Charge

Resolve right this minute to take charge of your career. Say it out loud: I am responsible for my own career at every stage of my life.

Career tips women, coaching women, success work women,No one, repeat, no one, cares about it as much as you.

This is probably the single best thing you can do. People may help but in the final analysis it’s down to you.

Every successful woman I know has taken her career in both hands and gone for it. I have lost count of the number of women who have told me that their organisation won’t let them take part in courses or training opportunities; that is happening more and more as the economic situation leads companies to cut back wherever they can.

If your organisation won’t fund your training ask if they’ll allow you some study leave.

If they won’t allow you study leave do it in your own time.

Or get together with some like minded people and book the training yourself; ask your firm if you can use their premises or book a village hall, (yes, you can do this, usually for a very reasonable sum) and get your preferred trainer in and share costs. This will have the added advantage of showing your employer just how committed you are.

If you can’t find a course immediately read around your subject or expertise area expanding your knowledge. Resolve to spend 45 minutes a day on your own development. Give up TV, or read during travelling time (but not if you drive, that would be a bad thing… You can get downloads though, or CDs to play while you drive! Where there’s a will there’s a way!)

Bookmark this site and come back often.

If you’d like a bit of inspiration read Jane Weaver’s story here. Her sage advice is covered in Career Tips for Women Tip Two. Have a Plan!

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One Response to “10 Career Tips for Women – Number One”

  1. Caroline says:

    A friend linked to Jane’s site and I completely agree with this post.

    A year ago I attended five interviews within my own organisation and was not successful. The feedback was, ‘Get more people and project management experience’. So, I approached my line managers who told me that, because my current role didn’t require those skills, they couldn’t assist me. Catch-22! How could I progress within my own organisation if they wouldn’t train me to be able to?

    I sought some informal careers advice and started volunteering at a community centre, leading a project and being responsible for half-a-dozen volunteers. The organisation who ran the centre also enrolled me onto an NVQ in Team Leadership and Management.

    One year on, I have gained valuable experience, enabling the volunteers to complete the first stage of the project, and am also about to complete the NVQ. I have also secured a part-time job in the career I wanted with the community centre organisation with the potential to become full-time.

    Sometimes I look back and think how it’s quite bizarre that out of something so negative (interview rejection) came so many positives (experience, a qualification, new friends and a job that I love!)

    So, as Jane says above, take charge yourself. It can work!

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