10 Career Tips for Women – Number 8

Number 8 – Bring in the Experts & Delegate

All the successful women I know are good at delegating. Lots of the women I know who struggle on being good enough have not yet learned how to delegate and/or bring in the experts. They usually have enormous potential but have not learned how to make the most of it as they are simply too busy.

Career Success TipsDelegating doesn’t always come easily to women. We tend to think we can do it all and, dare I say, get stuck into superwoman martyrdom mode. The media doesn’t help much either with Martha Stewart or Nigella Lawson types shimmering from our screens while running successful businesses and having the perfect home and food. Yawn.

I admired the refreshing honesty of TV personality, Kirsty Allsop, who laughed when asked how she managed it all and said ‘I have help, of course’ and cheerfully admitted to having a cleaner, help with her children, a PA etc.

Not all of us can afford that (yet) but the principle stays true. Be honest about what is worth your time and what isn’t.

When you get help or delegate, get the best that you can afford or find.

Sometimes that means short term investment for long term gain:

  • If hiring a cleaner means you have 3 spare hours a week to devote to your brilliant career, seriously consider it.
  • If working with a career coach for six sessions will help you make that plan for your brilliant career, seriously consider it.
  • If bringing a marketing expert into your organisation for a couple of months will boost your business in the long term seriously consider it.
  • If spending time on LinkedIn or other forms of social media will boost your on line profile consider getting proper tuition and setting aside time to do it.

You can’t do it all, and you can’t be brilliant at everything. Recognise where your brilliance lies and make sure you give yourself space and time to develop it. Shine on!

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