10 Career Tips for Women – Number 7

Number 7 – Aim As High As You Can (and then go higher!)

Women tend to play safe. That’s the consensus of the literature, research, and my own experience. Answer these few questions honestly:

  • Career Success TipsDo you play safe too?
  • By which I mean set yourself targets that you are pretty confident of reaching?
  • Do you aim for what you think you can easily achieve for fear of failing?
  • Wait until you know your current job really well before applying for the next level?
  • Have you ever thought about applying for a job two, or even three levels above your current level?
  • Do you aim to be the best in your business or profession, not just ‘doing pretty good, thanks’?

Well, try setting yourself a target well beyond what you think you can reach at the moment.

If you set yourself a mediumish target you’ll probably achieve it. And be mediumish.

Set yourself a really high target and of course there’s a chance that you may not quite reach it but you’ll definitely go higher than mediumish! You will stop being average and start excelling.

If you check out my RenewYou page you’ll see if I’ve set myself a target of delivering RenewYou to a million women. When we first started discussing that number I almost reverted to my old default of no, that’s too high. But I stopped myself and do you know what? A few months on it seems entirely possible; not easy, but possible and very exciting.

If you had no fear what would be your big thing? Once you can articulate it, describe it, you can set about working out how to achieve it! Go on, aim high and be above average!

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