Women Who Changed My World – 2

Marie Stopes

The ability to choose when, or if, to have children was a major life changer for women the world over and today there are Marie Stopes clinics in over 40 countries of the world.

Following the ending of her first marriage, which Stopes says was never consummated, she started writing a book on how she thought marriage should be (incidentally Stopes never took on her husband’s name, one thing we have in common!) Within this book Stopes included a chapter on birth control, which certainly didn’t help her get it published. It was deemed scandalous and offended sensibilities right left and centre. undeterred she carried on.

Subsequently she published free pamphlets for women giving them advice they were unable to find easily anywhere else. She opened the UK’s first family planning centre, the Mothers’ Clinic, in Holloway, London in March 1921 and in 1930 helped form the Birth Control Council which was a forerunner of the now familiar Family Planning Association.

Thanks Marie, you helped change my life.

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