Women Are Difficult at Work?

Whenever I post something about gender issues someone will invariably feel compelled to tell me that they have worked with “difficult women“; that women don’t support each other, are ‘bitchy’ (hate that word) and that they once had a female boss who was awful.

Most of the time I resist the impulse to say “So what?”

For the purposes of clarification and so in future I can refer such folk (and it’s men and women equally) to this post, let me explain:

  • wanting a fairer representation for women at work
  • wanting to see women represented in serious news programmes
  • wanting to see more women in senior positions
  • wanting businesses to have more women on boards
  • running a course for women who want to progress
  • coaching women who want to progress in their careers
  • wanting to see what women bring to the professional world is valued alongside the attributes of men

does NOT mean that I think women are better than men and infallible.

Women get it wrong sometimes.

Men get it wrong sometimes.

We are different and bring different gifts to the table. I want to see a world where we make space at the table for both and not run things so one half of the population has an advantage.

If you enjoyed this post, do take a look at A Feminist Paradox, and am happy to hear your views too!

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3 Responses to “Women Are Difficult at Work?”

  1. Ros Baynes says:

    Well said, Jane

  2. Claire says:

    I really like your post and want to see more women in the board room too!

    Women AND men are difficult at work. Both can be lousy, or extraordinary managers and leaders.

    I hate it when people call women bitchy too. 🙁

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