Why Do You Work?

Why do you work? It’s a question I often ask and and often the response is a half laughing “For the money, of course”, as if there could be no other reason why we would go out to work each day.

But probe a bit deeper and a myriad of other reasons *emerge:

  • The company of colleagues
  • Stimulation
  • Status
  • Learning things all the time
  • I like the (geographical) area I work in
  • A means to something better
  • I’d go mad being at home with my retired husband all day
  • A sense of purpose
  • I am committed to a cause
  • Passion for what I do and I’d do it for less money
  • Because I need to do something every day
  • Because my parents got me into this profession and I seem to have just stayed

Why do you work?

Do you enjoy the company of your colleagues? Does it fill with you excitement and passion? Is it part of a plan for you to move onto work that inspires and fulfils you?

Or are you stuck in a rut, terrified to move because a dull job is better than job at all?

If it’s the latter are you making plans for the future? It is still possible to find fulfilling work and if you can’t find it neatly packaged in a job maybe you can still create it for yourself (as I have).

Work out what’s missing for you and actively try to find it. Recessions don’t last for ever, and work is still out there. Be proactive. Don’t be complicit in your unhappiness at work, take some control. Once you take that decision to take back control everything else becomes that much easier.

*These are all genuine reasons given to me clients.

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