Who Turns Your Lights Blue?

I was stuck behind an ambulance the other day. Well, not stuck as such; I pulled out into the lanes to find it ahead of me pootling along quite happily at a steady old pace befitting of an ambulance.

In truth I was slightly irked as I wanted to go a bit faster but I settled myself in for a slightly longer journey than planned and relaxed.

Suddenly the pace ahead changed; the blue flashing lights came on and the ambulance accelerated away. (Not speeding, just not the gentle 30 mph it had been doing).

I kept pace with the ambulance and actually the impatient urgent blue flashing lights were clearing my path as drivers pulled over to give it as wide a berth as possible. Most seemed to assume I was something to do with the ambulance and beckoned me on through the space they had created. Suddenly my journey was a lot quicker!

But interestingly something else was happening; my heartbeat began to increase and I began to feel a sort of anxiety myself. That may have been a memory of following an ambulance when my father was blue-lighted to hospital, but more likely was the effect the urgent flashing was having on me. I was getting caught up in the mood and began to wonder and worry about where the ambulance was heading, who was in need and so on.

Stress Levels

Fortunately for my stress levels, after 10 minutes or so our paths diverged at a crossroads and I resumed my country lanes route in peace. It had been an interesting experience though. It reminded me of how easy it is to get caught up in other people’s dramas, how certain people or issues can push our buttons, draw you in, and almost without realising it we can become part of other people’s crises, or look as if we’re part of someone else’s drama.

Some folk have the psychological equivalent of a flashing blue light turned on most of the time. Being around them can initially be exhilarating but if the drama is nothing to do with us, not relevant to us, it can cause us unnecessary anxiety and exhaust us.

So here’s a question to ponder: How many blue-lighters do you have in your life?

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