Try a Different Way

Most of us like to do things the same way – even those of us who think we are open to change probably have all sorts of little routines that we follow each day.

Which is fine; we need some routines to make life simpler.

But, you know it’s true. If you keep doing the same things the same way you get the same things back. Sometimes we need something different back. We need a wee jolt to our complacency, an injection of enthusiasm, a new take on an old problem.  And one relatively easy way of doing that is to try something a different way; it doesn’t even have to be a big change.

Take a few minutes now to think about your daily or weekly routines. Think about work. Think about how you prepare for meetings, how you speak in meetings (or don’t). Maybe even how you dress for work. Who you routinely talk to, how you get to work, where you eat lunch (you do eat lunch I hope!), who you chat with, who you avoid, everything.

Now, which one of those could you change tomorrow? Take a new route to work perhaps? Talk to someone who has a very different approach to you? Change the image you present? Talk first in a meeting? Keep quiet in a meeting and listen intently? Read a paper from someone who doesn’t hold the same views as you.

Just make one simple change and see what happens! You might be surprised where the ripples of one tiny change extend…

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