The Three Best Questions Ever! How to Make a Good Decision.

When I have a significant decision to make I always ask myself three questions, way before I go into all the positive thinkingvisualising, goal setting, making career plans or the myriad of things that I advise and help other women to do when coaching.

I want to share them with you as they always work for me in helping me to work out the best decision:

Coaching Question One

What’s the worst that can happen if you go ahead? You need to be honest and realistic in your response to yourself and consider everything, from feelings to finances. Really allow yourself to go there but no false optimism. This is when you are looking at worst case scenario.

Coaching Question Two

Can you cope with the worst? Does the risk justify the potential gains? Again, we’re not just talking money here. Losing money may be less of a risk to you than losing self respect, or pushing your boundaries. We can gain a lot by failing; no truly successful person has got there without trying things that haven’t worked out. Mistakes can end up being truly profitable, so calculate the risks for you and then ask, can I manage to live with this?

Coaching Question Three

When this idea/approach/proposal was first mooted what was your initial instinctive response? How did your heart react before your brain kicked in?

I hope these three questions help you in making good sound decisions about your future! What else works for you?

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