The (Kindle) Harassed Manager’s Guide to Change

In a previous life, when I had what I laughingly call a proper job, unlike the dream job I have now (It’s true, I LOVE what I do so it really never feels like working at all) I spent a lot of time helping people manage change. As part of that role I put together a wee book for managers encapsulating the main elements of managing change. It had to be short as the poor souls were stretched to bursting, and it had to be jargon free or they wouldn’t have read to the end.

The Harassed Manager’s Guide was the result.

From time to time I have shared it with people and even given a version away but now I have finally loaded it onto Kindle. It’s had a bit of a rewrite and Kindle doesn’t do diagrams so a bit of tweaking took place, but I’ve still kept it short and to the point. You can easily read it over a cup of coffee to remind yourself of what you probably know but have forgotten. It’s full of practical advice based on experience and theory (but there’s very little of the latter, I promise!)

And the good news is that your coffee will cost considerably more than this wee book! This link will take you straight to the Amazon page for the guide.



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