The Best Anti Ageing Tip, Ever!

Age is such a funny thing isn’t it? We have such an obsession in the western world with looking youthful that we seem to forget age brings many benefits too. I’ve just read that the oldest competitor in the 2012 Olympic games is 71. (His horse is considerably younger). Passion and enthusiasm will keep you riding high for ever.

Looking young when you’re not is a weird thing to aim for in my book. And of course, women have been targeted with this nonsense for eons; it takes a very strong minded individual to resist!

As with so many things, age is a state of mind. I know many young folk who have a lack of curiosity about the world they live in, a desire to stay put and who are resistant to change and new ideas. You probably know what I mean, people we think of as being ‘old before their time’.

Old Age Rebels

To be honest I’ve never really understood why we tend to get more conservative as we age. It seems to me the reverse should be true. We are all well aware that our time here is limited so why not get out there and go mad? Do whatever we can do while we can and be a full member of society And when we can’t do it one way, find another way of doing it. This message was obviously taken to heart by the 96 year old woman who died recently of a heart attack while abseiling. Abseiling! I bet they tried to talk her out of that. Yet the alternative was probably to sit in an armchair watching day time TV!

So my anti ageing tip is not about creams and potions. Looking young is not the secret of life. In fact, striving for youth probably portrays a great lack of confidence and self worth. (I’m not talking about taking care and pride in one’s appearance, that’s a different matter. It is possible to be attractive, an individual, AND look your age!)

It is all about an attitude of mind. Refuse to be pigeon-holed by the number of years you’ve been lucky enough to be on the planet. Live for all of your life. Banish the words ‘I am too old’ from your repertoire, or ‘it’s my age’ or ‘in my day…’. Stop giving yourself that negative message; until you draw your last breath it’s still your day.

Practising What I Preach

I started out in self employment in my late forties. In my late fifties I am about to launch another project (licensing my courses both in UK and abroad). I am excited and energised by the ideas. I am, of course, a tiny bit nervous too and have done the necessary checks and balances and consulted with the right people. But never once have I thought ‘I’m too old for this’. Instead I have thought how much more I know now and how much more I have to offer.

Wrinkles, pah, I laugh in their face (which is how I got them in the first place).

Never stop developing, never stop giving of yourself, never stop investing in life, and you’ll never be truly old, just older!

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2 Responses to “The Best Anti Ageing Tip, Ever!”

  1. nice post – long may you continue to feel vigorous and enthusiastic 🙂

  2. Niki McGlynn says:

    Hear, hear Jane! Age is all about attitude, in my head I am still mid twenties
    Niki x

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