The BBC, Women, & Coincidences

Life is full of coincidences, isn’t it?

As you might expect I have a fair few feminist books on my book shelves, but my favourite pick up book of the moment is Phaidon’s Art & Feminism, edited by Helena Reckitt. It’s not a cosy read and contains some disturbing and thought provoking imagery but it never fails to stimulate. It was through its pages that I first read of Judy Chicago, a US  feminist artist now in her seventies. I’d seen her work before but hadn’t registered just how influential she was.

A few weeks ago, through the auspices of Twitter, I ‘met’ Caroline Criado-Perez an active feminist who was amazed (putting it politely) that the BBC couldn’t find more female commentators, in particular for an item on BBC radio 4’s Today news programme on breast cancer. This is a topic close to my heart; I’ve been reliably informed by a BBC insider who didn’t wish to be named (I never thought I’d write that but it’s true!) that journalists are basically research lazy/or in a rush and use the same lists of names time after time, but that also when women are asked to be an expert they rarely say yes immediately. I am very familiar with the research around this area, and have written on the topic of women and the BBC often (check out:

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so was both intrigued and enchanted to find that Caroline was compiling her own list of women experts to help out the poor old Beeb. We got chatting and I asked her if I could interview her at some point for my Inspirational Women section as I admired what she was doing. She agreed so look out for that in a forthcoming edition.

Back to the coincidences…Today I  opened my copy of The Observer newspaper to find an article about Judy Chicago (read that here) in the magazine and then in the main newspaper an article about Caroline Criado-Perez and her female experts campaign! I tweeted Caroline @WeekWoman congratulating her and mentioning that the paper also featured an excellent article on Judy Chicago. She replied that she’d take a look as she was meeting her next week!

So when I interview Caroline I may slip in a few questions about Judy and get 2 interesting feminist perspectives for the price of one!

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2 Responses to “The BBC, Women, & Coincidences”

  1. Bridget says:

    Jane, thank you for highlighting Judy Chicago. I have always admired her gumption and her work. Keep supporting her dreams!

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