The BBC Does Irony!

There was a delicious moment on the BBC radio 4 Today programme this morning. It was fronted by my two favourite presenters, Evan Davies and Justin Webb. They had an item on about the lack of female film voice overs. In essence women are not used to promote films because the public prefer men’s voices, deep voices.

There followed some debate about this with suggestions that people are conditioned to male voices, and then the contrary view that women’s voices can be just as effective etc. I was listening and smiling into my mug of tea as the BBC Today programme has come under fire for it’s reliance on male voices and presenters. (From me too, see A Feminist Paradox)

Do they realise the irony of this? I thought. This must be exactly the view that the editor of the the Today programme holds as they feature so few women.

And then at the end of the item Evan Davies rescued it for me, by remarking wryly in a mock shocked tone that some people say the BBC have too few women.

Yes, they do and they do.

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Photo Credit: Michal Zacharzewski


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