Personal Development Exercises 7. Influence

Influence, how important it is to your career?  How influential are you currently? If you’re not sure try out this personal development exercise, the last in this mini series. (If you hanker for more, come and join me on my women’s personal development course Renewyou!)

Jot down all the names of folk in your professional circle where you exert some influence, people who listen to and respect what you say and take action on your thoughts and suggestions. (It’s probably best to ignore the millions of followers you may have on social media sites unless you genuinely interact with them and they with you!)

Now jot down all the people in your professional sphere who have influence, however obliquely, over your career.

Any overlaps? Do you have  some of the influencers in your camp?

Having done that exercise do you think you currently have enough influence? Are your ideas and suggestions getting blocked because you don’t have influence over the influencers? Those people within an organisation who get other people to adopt ideas and run with them.

Sadly research shows that the relative merits of an idea have no impact on how well it is taken up, as Dr Everitt Rogers discovered when he introduced a new seed. Farmers just weren’t interested in it despite the very positive evidence of its efficacy, until he found some people respected by the farming community to help him promote it. Despite his impressive array of qualifications and masses of research evidence the farmers remained steadfastly unimpressed until people they respected in the world of farming told them it was OK.

It’s no good being good if no one knows you’re good – and some of the people who need to know how good you are need to be people with influence.

Who are your ‘respected by farmers’ people?

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