Personal Development Exercises 4. Get Into Your Zone

When were you last in your zone? By which I mean doing something that really ‘feeds’ you, makes you feel good; when you lose track of time because you are so absorbed in the task in hand that hours and minutes become immaterial?

Do you actually know what puts you into the zone? With me, for example, it can be writing. Not any old writing but writing about something I’m passionate about. I can look up and hours have passed and yet it feels like I have only just started. For others physical activity can have that impact, or hobbies like fishing, riding, or music.

All of us need to spend time doing things that give us something back, that we’re good at, and which we enjoy. But so often when we feel stressed these are the very things we let go.

Can you remember when you were last in your zone? What were you doing? Take a few moments now to identify your zone activities. How often do they happen? Take your diary and look through the last 2 weeks. Do a rough calculation of how much time you’ve spent working, how much with friends and family, and how much zoning (Your zone can of course cut across all areas of your life – it’s not mutually exclusive and if you’re ‘lucky‘ you may be working hard and yet be totally in your zone!)

Now ask yourself, is it enough? Should you be doing them a little more often…? Do you need to make space in your diary for some zone time?

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