Is This The Best ‘Put Down’ Ever?

I was listening to BBC radio recently and heard this great riposte from Karen Brady – just had to share it with you!

In case you haven’t heard of her, Karen Brady is a well known businesswoman who made the news for being one of the first women in a powerful position in football. Currently Vice Chairman of West Ham United FC, she is also one of Lord Sugar’s panel on The Apprentice. She was on the BBC talking about her new book,  Strong Woman, in which she tells the story of how she started out selling advertising space as an18 year old, became Managing Director of Birmingham City Football Club at the age of 23, and turned that business around to sell it for £82 million 12 years later.

She was telling the story of how the football manager thought she should accompany the team on a coach trip which she duly did. A coach trip of several long hours necessitating several trips to the increasingly unsavoury bus loo (one woman, 30 blokes, go figure). One leery player yelled at her as she emerged up the steps from the wc:

Here, Karen, I can see your tits from here” cue much laughter from rest of bus.

Quick as a flash Karen replied:

Well you won’t be able to from Crewe” and he was transferred to Crewe the next week.

What are your best ‘put down lines to inappropriate comments?

‘STRONG WOMAN: ambition, grit and a great pair of heels’ was published 29th March 2012. If you’ve read it do share your thoughts below.

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