Is It Time to Stop Scratching That Itch & Fix It?

Oh the bliss! Shut the door and scratch that itch that’s been plaguing you all through the last meeting. It feels good, doesn’t it? You were irritated for the last hour but didn’t feel able to do anything about it so sat on it. And now you can give it full attention. Scratch scratch scratch! Oh joy.

However, sometimes it might be better if we got rid of the cause of the itch itself! Of course, I’m talking in metaphor here with itch being substituted for anything irritable to us… That might be a person, an issue, even an inaminate object.

The problem is we get comfortable with moaning or scratching. We like the instant comfort it brings and sometimes, just sometimes, we forget that we can actually do something about the cause itself. Break out of your comfortable moaning mind set and take an alternative view. And fix it!

Flea powder anyone…?

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