Is It Time For You To Top Up?

I’ve been coaching quite a lot recently within organisations undergoing change. It’s tough if you’re the recipient of a major reorganisation, not least waiting to find out whether you have a job or not.

Stress levels can rocket through the roof.  (See Top Five Symptoms of Stress here). If you are in this position, I have a question for you:

Have you stopped looking after yourself?

It happens so often; we become stressed, tired and feel like victims being buffeted about by events outside of our control. By the time we get home there is no energy for anything else except basic needs like eating, sleeping. We just collapse.

It’s understandable but definitely undesirable. Unlooked for change is exhausting and stress will make you tired. It becomes a vicious cycle as you gradually give up those activities which sustain and nourish you – the very things you should be doing as much of as possible.

Think about it now. Are you putting something back in when you can? Topping yourself up to help you manage change? Whatever you do to nourish you, be it a sport of some kind, meeting friends, a hobby, make sure you continue to do it.  Put it in your diary, make arrangements with friends, book a session, and make sure you look after yourself!

You owe it to yourself; getting low and stressed isn’t good for you or anyone around you.

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