Inequality-The Worst of Times for Women?

Last week the editor of British Vogue said having to take time out to have children damages women’s career trajectories.

Not exactly hot news. Yet there seems to be a passive acceptance of this fact.

If we had a world of true gender equality this would not be happening.

Women would not be losing their jobs in much higher numbers than men during the current recession and being hardest hit by cuts to welfare and support systems; the pain would be being felt equally.

Because if we had a gender equal society our systems would recognise and support the fact that women have children.

Society needs women to have children.

Children need supporting in all manner of ways by either/both parents.

Business benefits when women are equally represented at all levels.

Children benefit by having good role models, in parenting and in business.

Is it so hard to work it out?

If we passively accept the status quo things won’t change. We have to dare to imagine a world where all our systems are designed to allow men and women to be parents equally and to be successful at work. We have to challenge assumptions: our own and society’s.

Read more in this Guardian article and you may also be interested in More Women Please!

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