How to Win an Award for Your Business

One of the reasons often cited for women failing to be in the top echelons of business in any significant number is that we don’t big ourselves up enough. Research seems to  show that women undersell themselves at interview while men, ahem, do the opposite, possibly even make much of very little. So entering yourself (or allowing yourself to be nominated) for an award is one way of publicising both yourself and your business. Jane Weaver has done it twice.

I first interviewed Jane a while ago ago (you can read that interview here) after meeting her and hearing her amazing story when she attended one of my courses. And then I heard that she’d won another national award! Time for an update I thought.

Me: Jane, since winning Director of the Year through Everywoman UK you’ve gone onto win yet another award with the Institute of Couriers. Congratulations!  When we first met on Renewyou I think it’s fair to say that you were very ambivalent about applying for awards but that has all obviously changed. How much difference has it made to you personally, and to your business winning these awards?

Jane: It has made an enormous difference; after the Everywoman award I and my business received a lot of press coverage and it was actually one of the newspapers that nominated me for The Institute of Couriers Award. My company name is becoming known and the awards have given me a platform to talk about the changes I have made within the business and shows AYS to be the professional forward thinking company we are. Personally, being recognised by my peers is enormously rewarding and is a great motivator to continue working hard towards success.

Me: Would you recommend that other business women put themselves forward?
: Absolutely, you know Jane that I had kept quiet about “my journey” and since I have spoken about the transition from PA to MD I have gained recognition and support from many areas; I have met a wealth of other like-minded business women, I am enormously appreciative of the world the Awards have opened up for me.

Me: What’s your best piece of advice to anyone wavering about going for an award?
Go for it, it could be the best thing you have ever done – and work with someone like Jane Woods who will inspire you to go forward and declare yourself in the ring!

Me: (Note to reader, I didn’t pay her to say that 🙂) I think you did it all by yourself but I am pleased to have helped in some small way; you just didn’t realise how amazing you were! Thank you Jane and many, many congratulations.

Jane Weaver’s company is called AYS Couriers

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