How to Scare Yourself to Success!

I read an interview with a very successful actor the other day (I have broad tastes – it was even a male actor, no bias here!) One thing he said stayed with me:

“I say yes to things because I know they’ll terrify me”

How brilliant, I thought, that’s the best way to grow and develop ( warning – I don’t mean doing dangerous things by this – I don’t want to lose any readers, so go steady!)

Gaining Confidence

If you think about anything you’ve ever achieved in your life you probably had to push yourself a little to do it and that probably made you a teeny bit scared, (or palm sweatingly terrified). Do you remember the mixture of fear and exhilaration as you first learned to ride a bike, or swim?*

And it’s amazing but growing our confidence in one area is catching and somehow we end up spreading it to other areas of our lives.

So, here’s a couple of coaching questions for you:

What ‘scares’ you about developing your career or business? Are you worried about extra responsibility, long hours, failing, being high profile, being fair game for criticism, public speaking. Take time to consider this and answer to yourself honestly.

Next question, (when you’ve got an answer to the first) if you were able to conquer this fear, i.e. felt no qualms or anxiety, what would you be doing over next 4 weeks?

Try This Career Development Visualisation

Close your eyes and imagine that you have just got to the end of a 4 week period when you have said yes to everything that ‘scares’ you. Your aim has been to advance your career (You may want to check out my Career Tips for Women section). If you’d like some help with this, listen to the free audio on the site. I have a career visualisation in the Free Download section to the right of the website. Find a quiet place, and simply listen to it.

You may not get any great insights immediately, sometimes this can be a slow burn, but stay with it. Our subconscious has ways of giving us information when we least expect it. If you do listen to the audio have pen and paper handy so you can jot down anything that comes to you afterwards. You may get a surprise!

If you’ve overcome a career-fear please do share what it was and how it felt to deal with it!

*If you can’t ride a bike or swim yet, it’s never too late!

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