How To Get More Women Into Technical Posts?

Women are under represented in technical posts and the barriers that women face in this field are well documented. Amongst them are:

  • less encouragement to enter the field at school
  • women feel isolated and have significant lack of role models and mentors to develop their careers
  • a persistent bias in recruitment processes keep women out

So what’s to be done? Well, there are organisations out there trying to redress the balance. One such one is the Anita Borg Institute; they have produced a report offering solutions to companies who want to attract more women into their industry. You can download a pdf of that report here

Meanwhile, if you are a woman in the technical field, please do share your experiences here. What is the number one thing employers can do, do you think, to aim for a more gender balanced work force? And if more women do enter the technical and scientific fields, how much difference do you think it will make?

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