How To Be A Successful Woman – Six Top Tips!

I love my job! I get to work with some amazing women and sometimes I am also privileged to be able to share in their success.

Spring 2012 was one such occasion when I attended the Everywoman awards for women in the field of logistics at The Savoy Hotel, London. I was lucky enough to be the guest of Jane Weaver. Most women I’ve met in logistics are a pretty extraordinary group – they have to be to survive in what is still a largely dominated male world. Jane is no exception, and it set me wondering, what are some of the key ingredients for success?  Are there some common denominators among the talented and successful women I’ve worked with?

I met Jane when she attended my RenewYou course last year. That was when I first heard her amazing story of how she went from PA to the chief executive to owner of the company (you can read Jane’s story here). She was so quiet and unassuming about her achievements that I had to work hard to get her to share her story for the benefit of readers of the newsletter: we did do an interview together and I know she has inspired so many other women thinking of starting their own businesses. It really is an inspirational story; Jane was at a very low ebb in her personal life yet took one of the biggest risks of her life and it paid off.

Everywoman Awards

No surprises then that she made the final shortlist of three from hundreds of entries for Director of the Year (You can see all the various categories here – who knows, maybe you’ll even enter next year!). There were three finalists, all worthy winners and exceptional women in their own right: Ailsa Webb, Divisional Director Express UK, TNT UK Ltd and Carole Woodhead, CEO, Hermes Parcelnet Limited and Jane. A very impressive trio of women.

And Jane Weaver won Man Everywoman Director of the Year!

Applause Applause!

I have to tell you that on the AYS table we threw decorum to the wind and whooped and cheered loudly with delight and pride! Jane said afterwards she was so shocked at winning that if we hadn’t all been standing cheering she wouldn’t have remembered where her table was! What a worthy winner; I bathed in her reflected glory and was so proud to be there. Congratulations Jane!

What Makes for Success?

So what exactly makes a successful woman? I’ve worked with hundreds of women and they have all been different and all have had different definitions of what being successful is. It’s your definition that counts.

But I have been able to draw out some common denominators:

  • By and large they know their direction of travel, they know what they want (and they always know what they don’t want!)
  • They are prepared to work hard at it and place high expectations on themselves.
  • They don’t waste time on issues they can’t change but concentrate on those they can affect.
  • They seek advice from appropriate people and are not afraid to ask for help.
  • They invest in themselves with training & development throughout their careers.
  • They are flexible and prepared to change when circumstance demands

If you’d like to be inspired, or are thinking about starting your own business, do read Jane’s story. I’d also love to hear what you think makes for success, what is your definition, and what are your top tips for success?

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