Have You Defragged Lately?

It sounds a  bit rude, doesn’t it? And my apologies if you have landed on this page expecting some information about how to defrag your computer. It isn’t here; but tarry a while because what I am about to say might be of use…

Why Do You Defrag?

I have no idea. I only know that if I do it from time to time it makes my PC work better than if I forget to do it for some time. It’s a sensible piece of maintenance to keep my computer working well and allowing me to do what I want to do. So I do it.

I also know that when my pc crashes it sometimes needs a reboot, or in technical parlance, switching off for a minute. Then miraculously when I switch it on again the gremlin has usually gone.

Life Imitates PC…

Or possibly the other way round, it matters not. There are some things you need to do as a human being to keep yourself from slowing down; you know what they are. And you know that you need to do them. Are you?

And sometimes we literally just grind to a halt, and then nothing but a full reboot will work. Switch off for a while, take a break and return refreshed. That’s what holidays are for yet in our technological world that gets harder than ever.  You have to make a very concerted effort to genuinely switch off, leave the phone in a drawer, turn off the internet, bid adieu to Tweeting, and give yourself a reboot. You’ll work all the better for it!

What’s your favourite way of defragging?

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2 Responses to “Have You Defragged Lately?”

  1. Debbie Lindsay Newman says:

    When I need to “defrag” I drift through the garden, sit under the apple tree and gaze out at the view, which stretches for miles across a stunning green valley, to Glastonbury Tor in the distance. Here I listen to the birds, the tractor, the sheep and the silence…it works every time

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