Go a Bit Bonkers -It’s Good for You!

Ok, when I say go bonkers I don’t mean throw in your job and run away with the postwoman (although that could be just the right thing for you!). I mean try doing things a bit differently, in a less traditional way, and see what different results you get.

As humans we’re programmed to do what we know, to stick with our comfortable habits. That’s great if it’s a helpful habit like the cleaning of teeth but not so good if it’s unhelpful, like always assuming someone knows better than us, or automatically thinking that we won’t get that promotion because good stuff never happens to us. Habits are hard to break so we need to replace unhelpful ones with helpful ones. So think about trying this out…

Have a Bonkers Friday Habit

Never mind dress down Friday, how about a go very slightly bonkers Friday? How about designating Friday as the day you defy your internal  voice and pledge to do something different? It could be about how you dress, or it may be about silencing that little critical voice that holds you back from having fun.

Confound people’s expectations of you. If you normally say no to after work drinks, try saying yes. If you usually take a long time to forgive and never forget try a burst of instant forgiveness. If you normally buy The Times try Socialist Worker (that’ll set a few eyes goggling!) If you don’t usually challenge sexist behaviour try pointing out that you find it offensive (assertively, not aggressively). Take a different route home from work. Do something different that challenges you and that you would normally dismiss. Stretch yourself!

If we tread the same easy path we don’t grow and develop. Sometimes we end up on the ‘same old – same old’ path without even realising it. Put a large B on the next 4 Fridays in your diary. Make a conscious decision to do something different every Friday, to have a Bonkers Friday and see what happens!

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One Response to “Go a Bit Bonkers -It’s Good for You!”

  1. Rachel Hubbard says:

    Curious idea, Jane.
    I like the idea of Going Slightly Bonkers Friday but I’m currently a student every Friday so I’ll need to think about whether to try some of the ideas you suggest (which many people seem to think is already what I do!) or to try something even more radical.
    Still, change your behaviour rather than changing your clothes has a lovely self-transforming edge to it.

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