First UK Women to Bring Home Gold – Be Inspired!

I’ve just watched two remarkable young women win gold at the London Olympics 2012 (one of whom is a member of my husband’s old rowing club and trains in Bath where I live so double interest there) and was struck by how gender neutral the commentary was, how unpatronising, and how wonderful it was to hear. Well done BBC and John Inverdale and Sir Steven Redgrave. A lesson in how it can be done.

Role Models

Helen Glover and Heather Stanning are two perfect role models for young women. They have an amazingly positive ‘can do’ attitude to life, were careful to thank all the volunteers who helped out, and looked utterly gorgeous. Healthy and ‘normal’. I have no doubt that they will have an enormous impact on women’s sport for a long time to come. As Heather said in the emotional interview immediately post win:

‘Take the chance: if you work hard you can do anything, not just in rowing but anything’

Inspirational, well done to the first women ever to bring home gold in rowing to the UK! You may have started something bigger than you know.

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One Response to “First UK Women to Bring Home Gold – Be Inspired!”

  1. Naomi says:

    Jane – I completely agree. We should be talking to our children about these amazing athletes and showing them that not all women want to be x – they can do whatever they want to be. I hope the olympics inspires all young people and motivates them to get into sport.

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