Dig Deep – You Can Do It!

There was an extraordinary item on the news today. An 80 year old woman was flying in a private plane with her husband when he became unconscious and subsequently died.

She contacted airport control who talked her down and she successfully landed the plane. On one engine.

30 years previously her husband had insisted that she learn how to land a plane just in case.

And all this time later she was able to do it, in what must have been a situation of extreme distress. Hats off to her.

Once you’ve had it, you’ve always got it. Dig deep. Hopefully you’ll never be in such an extreme circumstance but remember that everything you’ve ever done is relevant and contributes to who you are today.  Dust off some of those old skills and see just how many transferable skills you actually have.

Age is no bar to being amazing!

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You can read the news item here

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Photo Credit: Rob Bach


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