Critical Mass for Women on Boards

For some time now I have been in favour of legislation to ensure gender equality in the boardrooms of the UK. Until such time as there is legislation I don’t think the impetus is there to do it (See Quotas for Women on Boards? Yes, Yes, Yes!). I am passionate about seeing more women on the boards of top companies across the UK and I think this move will be resisted for some time by people who are happy with the status quo and resistent to change.

Some facts from research into gender equality:

  • We know that more women on boards improves the bottom line
  • We know that a lone woman on a board makes little change to the status quo and is viewed as being representative of her entire sex
  • We know that different standards of behaviour are often applied to aspirational women making progress more difficult
  • We know that a more gender balanced approach improves the quality of working practices for both genders.

So why don’t we go the full hog and make it mandatory for boards to have a gender neutral panel? It’s what we’ve always had to do change outmoded attitudes when it comes to equality issues.

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