Be Feminine, Feminist, and Proud!

I was paid a great compliment recently. One of the participants on my Speak Up course for women, a very senior woman in her organisation, told me that for the first time in her long career she didn’t feel the need to ‘apologise’ at work for being a woman.

She realised that for years she had held the idea that to get ahead she need to suppress her femininity and, while not exactly behaving like one of the boys, certainly didn’t glory in her femininity. She was almost apologetic about it when at work, at board meetings and so on. Taking the  Speak Up course had raised her consciousness in this area; not in a’ women are better than men‘ kind of way; rather that women are different to men but just as bloomin’ good and we don’t need to apologise for sometimes doing things differently.

If you work in a very traditional field you will probably know just what I’m talking about; somehow the world of work is very much organised on traditional male ways of working with no room or acknowledgement for feminine traits. (Just imagine being female in the testosterone charged world that the high finance chaps have been living in – at least if those leaked macho turbo charged emails and texts are to be believed!)

It is possible to be both feminine and a feminist. In fact, it’s possible to be very masculine, i.e. a man, and be a feminist! A very attractive quality in my opinion…

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