Are You Discriminating?

However,’ right on’ you are, however up to date on the latest anti-discriminatory behaviour, however many diversity courses you have been on, there is probably one last bastion of discriminatory behaviour that all of us still seem comfortable with….


So many of us are continually giving ourselves a negative message about old age and making comments that we would never utter about other sectors of society.

And worse, we do it to ourselves all the time, reinforcing a negative message about something that should be a cause for celebration. In the UK our longevity is increasing. Compared to our forebears we are living longer and more healthily than ever before.

Power of self talk

We all know how powerful the internal messages that we give ourselves are. If we continually tell ourselves we are old so we can’t do things, then we can’t. You know the old truism, if you say you can, you can. If you say you can’t, you can’t. Both statements hold true!

So next time you hear yourself making a derogatory joke about being older, pause a while.

Stop all the derogatory or comical references to ageing for a day, especially in relation to yourself. It’ll probably be harder than you think. You’ll be surprised just how many you make. “It’s my age” are banned words for one day as are ‘look at that stupid OLD duffer hogging the middle lane (lots of stupid young duffers hug the middle lane, nothing to do with age!),

Hopefully we’ll all grow old, so let’s show a bit of respect and banish ageism!

Take a look at Age & Women for more on this topic.

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2 Responses to “Are You Discriminating?”

  1. Ceri says:

    It is so important to comabt ageism in the workplace. A recent study suggested that older people were discriminated against in the hiring process, as many younger hiring managers were not confident in their ability to manage someone older than themselves. Obviously an issue that needs to be addressed- especially with an ageing workforce and population!

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