Are You a Woman in Need of a Confidence Boost?

I work coaching women most of the time (not all of the time though; currently I’m working with a group of male managers and loving it). But in the main my coaching clients are women.

And usually my clients are highly intelligent, motivated women. Sometimes they are using me to help ‘unstick’ themselves and give themselves a motivational boost, or perhaps to develop their careers. Interestingly though I am getting a lot of referrals from organisations asking me to work with women who they believe clearly have potential but who have suffered a crisis in confidence.

I shouldn’t really be surprised as lack of confidence has been highlighted by the Insititute of Leadership & Management as a principle cause of women not progressing at work.

There are multiple reasons why women do not progress at work on an equal footing with their male counterparts and some of them are certainly beyond my fixing, (although that doesn’t stop me blogging about it as you can see here Three Reasons Why Women Don’t Progress.) However, it is possible to improve your confidence levels, that is something within your control, and when you do it makes challenging and improving other areas of your life so much easier too.

I have a whole section of the site dedicated to improving your confidence, check it out here. Of neccessity that information is generalised and may not relate to you; if you’d like to invest in time to focus on your own unique issues why not give me a call 01761438749, or email me. You can find out more about working directly with me here

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2 Responses to “Are You a Woman in Need of a Confidence Boost?”

  1. Audrey Birt says:

    Its an interesting question. Recovering as I am from major surgery I know illness is often a time when people lose confidence too, just as returning to work after having children can. I still wobble with confidence, even after lots of external affirmation. I recently have seen that being authentic helps my confidence and influence. Even honesty about my vulnerabilities, like through my blog, has stopped them overwhelming me. Great work you’re doing to support women to be all they want to be.

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Audrey for taking the time to comment and I hope you are recovering well. I have yet to meet a woman, however senior, who doesn’t admit to a confidence wobble now and again. Wobbles are OK as long as we can grab hold of something and keep our balance! I wrote this very short post on just that a while ago.

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