A Five Minute Personal Development Exercise for YOU!

As regular readers of my newsletter know, this week end was my son’s wedding which is something of a milestone for any mother; my baby boy is now married to a lovely girl. (Yes, that’s them opposite)

So many people at the wedding came up to me and said how wonderful it was to have such a happy gathering, and how good to see people again that we care about but somehow have managed not to see for months at a time, even years in some cases.

No surprises then that this morning I found myself thinking once again about people who are important to us. Sometimes it’s family, sometimes it’s friends and sometimes it’s neither like a work colleague who has really helped us out. They may not even realise how much you value what they do for you, how much you appreciate them. Perhaps it’s time to take a few moments to change that…

A Quick Personal Development Exercise

Give yourself a five minute breather and try this exercise. Don’t take too long over it but jot down what comes into your head and edit later. Take a sheet of A4 paper, turn it landscape. Divide it into three columns headed, Home, Work, Anything that doesn’t fit on the other two columns, let’s call that one Misc!

In each column try to get at least three names of folk who support you, help you in any way at all, sustain you, make you smile when you think of them, whose company you enjoy, who radiate and make you feel better about life.

And then think to yourself, when did I last see them or talk with them? When did I last spend some really ‘good’ time with them? When can I see them again?

And then do something about it. Simples really!

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3 Responses to “A Five Minute Personal Development Exercise for YOU!”

  1. Ann Lewis says:

    Jane I love this exercise. I could come up with half a dozen people in each column – which makes me feel blessed.

    Thank you!

  2. John says:

    Just found this via Twitter. Great advice for men, too!

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