8 Steps To Changing Yourself:Part 8

Here’s the final part in the 8 steps to making a personal change. (Part one is here) If you’ve been following them all I hope you’ve seen some positive results. If not, blame Kotter. If yes, wow I’m good! However, today might be my downfall…

Step 8 from Kotter’s book is

Anchoring the new approaches in the culture

Now I have to admit I struggled trying to make the professional personal with this one as Kotter goes on to say:

  • Creating better performance through customer and productivity oriented behaviour, more and better leadership, and more effective management
  • Articulating the connections between new behaviours and organisational success
  • Developing means to ensure leadership development and succession

You can see my problem! But actually I think I have it; the answer for us personally lies in the second item, ‘articulating the connections between new behaviours and organisational success’.

Make sure you can see very clearly the connection between cause and effect. The changes you have made have brought you to this point; be very clear in your own mind just what it is that you’ve done that’s worked. You have made changes and now it’s time to reap the rewards of those changes. Effectively manage yourself to stay on track (I know, I’m scraping the barrel with this analogy but it does work, honestly).

Time to take a look back through the last 7 posts and review your progress. Here they all are:

Step One: Creating a sense of urgency

Step Two: Creating a guiding coalition

Step Three: Developing a vision and a strategy

Step Four: Communicating the vision

Step Five: Empowering broad based action

Step Six: Generating short term wins

Step Seven: Consolidating gains and producing more change

Make sure your changes are firmly rooted in practice now, in your day to day behaviours and look ahead to the next exciting chapter in your life!

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