8 Steps to Changing Yourself: Part 6

How are you getting on with your own personal change programme? If you’ve managed to do half the things in steps 1-5 you’re doing really well and should be seeing some results already.

Time for a reward!

Kotter’s step 5 is:

 Generating Short Term Wins

  • Planning for visible improvements in performance, or ‘wins’
  • Creating those wins
  • Visibly recognising and rewarding people who made the wins possible

Which I translate as treat yourself , recognise how far you’ve come and acknowledge even the very small wins, and say a huge thanks to your supporters. We all need a bit of encouragement so it’s important that you build in some space along your personal change path to give yourself a pat on the back and say ‘well done’.

You may decide that if you’ve managed to keep more or less on track by week 4 you will have a night out with friends as reward; maybe taking those friends out who are supporting you through this process. I was once on a course with a woman who said everytime she got a new piece of business she rewarded herself with a diamond. A diamond! I find a good film or a new book (involving a trip to and hours in a really good bookshop) quite enough. And more affordable….

Your reward must be a real treat for you. What do you choose? And who are the people you’d like to thank? Drop them an email or better still make a quick phone call.

You’re doing really well and only 2 steps left!

If you want to check out the beginning of this series here’s the link to the first post on personal change and part 7 is here.

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