8 Steps to Changing Yourself: Part 4

Part 4 already! How have you been getting on with the earlier sessions? (In case you’ve missed the previous posts on personal change they begin here with Changing Yourself: the beginning). We’re now on to Communicating the Vision. If you’ve been following the series you’ll already have looked at Establishing a sense of urgency, creating your guiding coalition, and developing a vision and strategy. How did they work for you?

So just what does Communicating the Vision mean for you? This is what Kotter says:

  • Using every vehicle possible to constantly communicate the new vision and strategies
  • Having the guiding coalition role model behaviour expected of employees

It basically means that you take every opportunity you can to let people know that a new you is emerging. And use your ‘guiding coalition’ friends to help you do that.

Give them permission to remind you of your aims and aspirations and to pick you up when you begin to backslide. Look back at your vision and make sure they understand where you are headed and their role in this new you.

Begin to think of yourself as this new person, as if you are living a life where you have successfully changed the things you want to change. Start walking tall! You can do this!

Part 5 is here

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