8 Steps to Changing Yourself: Part 2

If you’ve been following this series (see the introduction and part one of managing personal change) you’ll know that now we’re onto step number two – creating a guiding coalition.

Kotter’s definition of a guiding coalition will be different from ours but in essence it’s the same principle; you need some folk around you who will support and guide you through this process of personal change. Kotter talks about putting together a ”group with enough power to lead the change’. For you it’s a group of people who have your interests at heart and will help you sustain the impetus to make positive personal change.

That may mean you need to take some time to identify the potential saboteures! You know who I mean: we’re not talking hateful people here but those for whom you changing may be threatening. Like when you say you’re trying to lose weight and they ‘forget’and buy you a cream bun with your coffee….

Look out for the radiators in your life (see this post Do You Radiate or Drain?). You only need a couple of supporters at this stage but you will probably need some help. Depending on the change you’re about to enmbark upon that may include professional help like a coach or a mentor, of a good colleague at work.

Change of a more personal nature may meanyou choose your best friend but it may not. Bear in mind that change is often resisted as a knee jerk reflex; that can be true for people around us as it can for ourselves. We, however, have control over what we are doing, others don’t. And when we don’t feel in control we tend to resist; back to the cream bun scenraio, albeit people may be doing this subconsciously. People like the status quo, to remain, even if they spend a long time complaining about the staus quo. It’s perverse but often true. If you decide to go fo rpromotion it can mean they question their own ambition or job and sometimes that’s uncomfortable for them. You need people secure and confident enough to be able to take pleasure in your success, not resent it.

Take time to choose your ‘guiding coalition’ wisely. Tell them clearly what you’re hoping to achive and why their support is important to you. Make sure you keep them informed and involved, and of course, thank them!

Number three in the series is here

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