8 Steps to Changing Yourself: Part 1

Number one in the series on managing personal change. In this series of short posts about change we’re taking a look at a renowned book on organisational change and applying the professional to the personal!  Our professional book is John P Kotter’s Leading Change – from the Harvard Business School Press. His number one is:


When I’m working one to one with clients that’s usually where we start too, although I rarely talk about urgency. For urgency maybe we should think more of excitement, raring to start!

Excitement and possibility. It’s about enthusing yourself with all the amazing possibilities that there are out there to motivate yourself to take the first step. You do not have to be where you are right now. You can change. The first hurdle is deciding that change is possible and knowing that you start that process right now. Not tomorrow or next week or next month but right now. Maybe small steps but steps there must be.

Try this to help get you started. In my book When Work isn’t Working I use an audio visualisation to help women tap into their creative sub conscious. You don’t have to buy the book however, as it’s available free on the website. Just glance up to your right and you’ll see it headed Free Download (Or click here if you’re reading this via your in box).

You can download it to an MP3 player or iplayer or listen to it through your PC or lap top or even your phone. Just relax and listen and when it’s finished see if anything has come to you.

Now take a few moments to think how soon you want this change to happen. Hopefully you will have been so energised by your post visualisation thoughts that you’re ready to make a start immediately. If not, and you’re still thinking I can do this next month, revisit this in a month as you’re not ready to make a change yet. You need to get your head and your heart aligned!

But if you’re ready, roll onto number 2 in the series when we’ll be creating your guiding coalition! You can read the introduction to this series here.

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