5 Day Personal Development Course – 5

5 short posts each day this week to give you a great confidence boost. Each will take you about 5 minutes to read, and one day of practise, yet the rewards can be enormous!


Day Five – Women’s Personal Development Mini Course

If you’ve been following and trying out all the previous tips, well done! Today is your reward day.

All I want you to do today is simply lie down or sit somewhere really comfortable, and listen to the visualisation I’ve put on this site.  If you look to the right of the page you’ll see the same picture in a box as I’ve used for this post.

Click on the link underneath and either save it to a player or listen directly now. Just listen and when you’ve finished jot down any thoughts that have come to you, or simply get up (slowly) and continue your day!

If you’ve missed any of the posts the links are below. I hope you’ve found them helpful. If you’d like to work one to one on your unique issues take a look at my coaching page and give me a call. No hard sell, I promise; if it’s not right for you you can rely on me to say so.

Day 4 Mini Personal Development Course

Day 3 Mini Personal Development Course

Day 2 Mini Personal Development Course

Day 1 Mini Personal Development Course

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