5 Day Personal Development Course – 3

5 short posts each day this week to give you a great confidence boost. Each will take you about 5 minutes to read, and one day of practise, yet the rewards can be enormous!


Day Three – Women’s Personal Development Mini Course

Today is anger management day! Not that I’m suggesting you are angry all the time, of course not. But we all have something that winds us up.

Take time out to look at what ‘gets your goat’. It may be an annoying colleague, or a much larger issue like a political situation. From the smallest of irritations to the largest, today is the day I suggest you do something about it.

You can:

  • decide to let it go
  • have an assertive conversation with a difficult colleague
  • send a letter to an M.P. or your local representative
  • join a campaign group
  • write it down then tear it so shreds

First acknowledge your feelings, than make a plan to do something constructive with them – you’re in control!

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